Retail Banking

Having worked with a range of established and challenger banks, across the key functions such as Finance, Risk and Operations, at Instinctive BI we have a unique finger on the pulse across the UK Retail Banking market, helping to advise our clients on the approaches that will give them the edge in an extremely competitive environment.

Corporate & Commercial Banking

Our clients who are stalwarts of the banking industry have found solace in the Commercial and Corporate Banking sectors, with the Retail Banking sector becoming ever more saturated we have helped exploit the opportunities hidden within existing portfolios as well as identifying new opportunities for growth.

Private Banking

In a challenging Retail Banking environments our clients understand the value of their Private Banking client base, our solutions can provide a perspective of the client base that can drive an improved and tailored service to these key individuals.

Investment Banking

Focusing your energies on the right clients is a massive upside in the investment banking space, our analytic and integration capabilities give the institutions that we work with a depth of understanding that will improve return on investment across both the risk and commercial aspects of their operations.